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Sextape in a public hypermarket

Impulsive sex is the ultimate in excitement and danger as we all know ! In this sextape we will thoroughly enjoy all the attractions of sexual pleasure later as the environment where the scene will reveal itself. This is exactly what we see in this beautiful video where we can see a Sextape in a hypermarket and where the fun is at its peak. There will be no cut and you will feel as on edge as the two enjoying their clandestine sex ! 

Spontaneous Sextape excitement

In this scene the guy loves to make homemade porn videos, and we see naughty couples going to the hypermarket with the plan to find a way to have sex in public but without being found out. On the face of it they are there to make their normal shopping run and to buy the bare necessities. Yet, after a while, the girl starts to feel her heartbeat rising as she feels the light touch of her guy just a little above her ass, caressing and scratching her skin, pulling her panties into her pussy and against her clitoris. After that, she starts to touch her man and for him to receive her sensual touches the the same way and he will understand that she wants more. With sexual desires rising, they have to find a way to release their sexual tension it even if the place is not appropriate or safe ! Then they begin to touch in a corridor where there are no temporarily no other people. Kissing and touching only fuels their desire further. Soon, and with danger in every moment the girl drops to her knees to unzip him and suck greedily her boyfriend's hot, hard cock.

In public the Sextape shows her every hole

After her fellatio on her man and sucking dry his balls, the guy uses his expertise in order to please her as well with his hands moving inside her pussy, fingering her hard, pushing her panties to one side for easier access to her wetness. Feeling the pleasure wave over her even more beautiful, he decides to give her the pleasure she gave him. In this moment, and with still no customers close to them he moves her against the wall and lifts one of her legs against her chest so that his his hot, hard cock has access to her super wet pussy. He will lift the skirt of his girlfriend and he has no trouble penetrating her since her skirt rises to let him in but also doesn't expose her too much - in case another customer turns the corner to find them fucking hard in the store. The penetration will be deeper and harder and faster before the eyes of astonished people can discover them. Knowing that they must both cum as fast as possible and as quietly as possible they fuck like a train as he pumps her with again and again with his long cock. Eventually after just a few minutes she feels his thrusts change and then she feels the sperm of her boyfriend flow through her vaginal walls.

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