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Milf gives a blowjob in the dark at hotel

This letsdoit milf goes to a date arranged in a luxurious restaurant one evening. She is tall, white and very sexy. After dinner, attracted by her charm the guy invites her to his hotel room, an invitation that she does not refuse. The couple kissed once in the room and a little trick that begins super well because she did not put panties and she wants the guy to do what he wants in the way he desires. 

What all men want

The guy is a little clever, he excites this milf slut first to make him want to rack. He hands his hands between the legs of this whore who are already wide open. He opens the labia minora then introduces his tongue and makes sure to touch the clitoris well with. He keeps playing with this kitty of Mom he likes to open with his big fingers. When he finished with this girl's vagina, he switches to tits now, a real source of pleasure for him. He gets up in front of her and shakes her tail in front of this sissy. He pulls the nipples at the same time and rubs them with his big thing. Then he takes the hand of the hottie and makes him touch his big cock that needs a little help to wake up. She masturbates him by pulling on the dick then caressing it in gestures and movements simply genial for this man.

When the mouth mixes

The bomb continues to masturbate while licking her lips with a great urge to suck. While shaking it, it intervenes a cut of electricity. In full black, both continue their mom porn, she makes a memorable blow to this perverse fucker. She licks him then deepthroat she sticks the cock very far in her throat. Only after, the guy screams like a nut who received an electric shock all over the body, the slut makes the best blowjob in the world that he enjoys in her throat.

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